Our Customer's
Bill of Rights

Hiscall, Inc desires to clearly state the principles and ideals which guide all of us at Hiscall in our relationship with our customers. Therefore, the following is a list of what we consider to be the inalienable rights of our customers. We expect to be held to account whenever we deny any of these rights to any customer.

As a customer:

  • You are entitled to be treated like a real, individual, feeling human being – with friendliness, honesty and respect.
  • You are entitled to prompt, courteous, knowledgeable answers to inquiries.
  • You are entitled to all the help we can give in finding exactly the right product, solution, or information you need.
  • You are entitled to receive the best quality product for a fair market price.
  • You have the right to know how your project is being processed, what stage it is in, and when it will be finished.
  • You are entitled to the privilege of dealing with individuals. If there is a question on your account, you are entitled to talk with or correspond with another individual so the question can be resolved immediately on the most mutually satisfactory basis  possible.
  • You have the right to speak with top management if you are not completely satisfied with the service provided or the way you were treated by any Hiscall employee.

As a customer you are entitled to be treated exactly as we want to be treated when we are customers. 

“If your rights are violated, I want to know about it!”
Gary Luffman, President & CEO


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